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ȣִ ѱ ԰ ٸϴ. ȣִ ѱ ٸ ѱ ̼ ޴ ڽ ̰ ˴ϴ. ̸ Credit Transfer () ̶ θϴ

, б Ȥ 4б 2г ľ ƴ϶ ϴ ? 󸶳 缺 ִĿ ְ, оⰣ ǰ Ǵ Դϴ. ȣִб ޱ ؼ 'Credit' ̻ Ǿ ϴ 찡 ϴ. ̷ Ϲ ǹ ԰ ޸ Ϻλ缳ø TAFE б Ưа Ǿ ־ ش б ̼ϴ ( ʴ´ٸ) б 2г ǵ ϰ ֽϴ. ̷ б ִ University Pathway Ȥ Uni Link ̶ Ҹ⵵ մϴ.

α׷ 츮 ޸ , Խ غϿ ϴ б Ǵ Ͱ ٸ ø Ȥ TAFE б 㰡 ѹ ް, ϰ Ǵ ̹Ƿ Ư о ϴ 츦 ϰ б 2г ˴ϴ. Ư б ٷ ϴ ø Ȥ TAFE ؼ ϴ , ȣֿ Ǵ ̸, о ϸ ø or TAFE ε ȸ ֽϴ.

Diploma of Nursing (1, 1.5) UTS, WSU, UON, SCU, CSU Bachelor of Nursing 2г

Diploma of Accounting (1.5) Griffith, ACU 2г ԰

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design (1.5) UNSW Bachelor of Design 2г а

TAFE NSW ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Information Technology (2) Curtin, Murdoch, ECU Bachelor of Science (or IT) 2г

Diploma of Nursing (1.5) Curtin, ECU Bachelor of Nursing (or Science) 2г ԰

Diploma of Building Design (2) UWA Bachelor of Design (Architecture) 2г ԰

TAFE WA ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Nursing -ED2 (1.5) UADEL, Flinders, UniSA Bachelor of Nursing 2г ԰

Diploma of Marketing (1) UADEL, Flinders, UniSA Bachelor of Business (or Media) 2г ԰

Diploma of International Business (1) UADEL, Flinders, UniSA Bachelor of Arts (or BusinesS) 2г ԰

TAFE SA ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Nursing -ED2 (1.5) ACU, UC, CSU Bachelor of Nursing 2г ԰

Diploma of IT Networking (2) ANU, UC, ACU, CSU Bachelor of IT 2г ԰

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (2) CSU Bachelor of Education (3г )

CIT ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Nursing -ED2 (1.5) VU Bachelor of Nursing 2г ԰

Advanced Diploma of Accounting (1.5) La Trobe University Bachelor of Business (Accounting) 2г ԰

Diploma of Automotive (2) RMIT Associate Degree / Bachelor of Engineering 2г ԰

Kangan Bendigo TAFE ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Community Welfare Work (ȸ-2) Bachelor of Social work, Deakin University 2г

Diploma of Building and construction (1.5) Bachelor of Technology(Infrastructure), Monash University(2)

Diploma of Graphic Design (2) Bachelor of Graphic design, La Ttrobe University (2)

Diploma of Laboratory Technology (2) Bachelor of Science(Biotechnology), Swinbourne University (2)

Holmesglen ԰ ȳ +

Diploma of Nursing (1.5) QUT, Griffith University, ACU, CQU, USQ, JCU Bachelor of Nursing 2г

Diploma of Hospitality Management (1) JCU, SCU, USQ Bachelor of Business, CQU Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Griffith Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management 2г

Diploma of Graphic Design (1) Griffith Bachelor of Design, UC (ĵб) Bachelor of Graphic Design 2г

TAFE Queensland ԰ ȳ +



ȣ κ TAFE ȣ ϰ ϴ л غ α׷ ϰ ֽϴ. غ α׷ л Լ ī , ۼ, ϴ , IELTS غ , ش α׷ ϸ б  䱸 ʽϴ. ٸ б 䱸ϴ Ư ̸ ϴ  䱸ϴ 쵵 Ƿ ̸ ڽ ϼż п غϽñ ٶϴ.